Sonset Farm – family run, organic farming at it’s most mindful.

The Cumpson family lovingly attend to the land and animals that make up Sonset Farm. Their passion for organic farming and sustainable farming practices gives them great pride in the produce, dairy, meat and grains that they provide to the community!

About Sonset Farm

There is never an idle day for hard working farmers, and the Cumpson family prove that to be true.  The Farm, located at 4403 Latimer Rd. in Inverary, although bustling with a steady hum of activity, is a warm and welcoming place.  Upon arrival you will observe free range chickens, vast beautiful fields with cows out to pasture, an expansive farmhouse porch with a sleeping dog or two, big beautiful barns, wild flowers, and a quaint little store front where they sell their wares right from the farm.  Depending on your arrival time will determine where the members of this happily hard working family might be – milling spelt flour, baking bread, milking cows, harvesting corn, tending to vegetables in the fields and hoop house, baling hay, tending to the horses boarding at their adjacent Son Ridge Stable, the list goes on.  However, no matter what’s on the daily agenda they welcome visitors, and a trip to the Farm is a wonderful experience where you’ll surely leave with flavourful, healthy and wholesome foods.

Sonset Farm is certified organic and uses sustainable farming practices such as diverse planting, maintaining fields in a 7 year crop rotation and using green and compost manure from their very own livestock.  Their organic milk is delivered to a co-operative and processed in organic dairy products but the other things the farm reaps is available at their store, this could include pastured pork, home rendered lard, grass fed beef, spelt flour, flakes or kernels, and farm fresh eggs.  They also sell goods at the Ganonoque Farmers Market on Thursday evenings.

Sonset Farm at Glenburnie Grocery

At Glenburnie Grocery you will find Sonset Farm’s spelt flour and kernels, their organic chicken and grass fed beef, maybe even their straw bales.  We also carry Organic Meadow dairy products (milk, butter, cream) which Sonset Farm contributes too.  Overall, we are not only proud to stock the wholesome products of Sonset Farm, we are also proud to call these farmers family!  

Drop by Glenburnie Grocery today and pick up some of the healthy, organic, and wholesome wares of Sonset Farm.

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