Hanna’s Meat Pies – Seriously good pies!

Hearty meat pies, made with natural, locally sourced ingredients, and baked personally by owner Justin Hanna!

About Hanna’s Meat Pies

Hanna’s Meat Pies make an Australian, pub-style, meat pie, but luckily for us are based in Sydenham, ON.  Owner and baker Justin Hanna takes great care and pride in his masterfully created pies.  They are handmade and all ingredients are natural and sourced through strong, trusted relationships with local farmers.  Ingredients include locally grown produce, free range chicken, dry-aged beef and real butter is a key to Justin’s ‘melt in your mouth’ pastry crust. 

Hanna’s Meat Pies currently offer 4 different pie varieties that have passed the test with the most discerning palates and happily fill the heartiest of appetites!  Justin is looking to expand his product line once he discovers another flavourful and savoury taste combination, to meet the high standards his current pies have already set.  Presently you can custom order Justin’s fresh made pies for functions or purchase them frozen to bake at home, choices include Braised Beef and Potato Pie, Chicken Pie, Mediterranean-Style Vegetable Pie and Organic Steak and Ale Pie.

Hanna’s Meat Pies at Glenburnie Grocery

We carry all varieties of pies in individual portions – which means each family member can pick their favourite!  These pies lovingly fill and warm your belly, which is needed on our seasonally cooler and darker days.  Hanna’s Meat Pies, available in the freezer now at Glenburnie Grocery!

Visit Glenburnie Grocery today to pick up a ready-made, artisanal pie – a ‘seriously good’ supper prepared just for you!

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