Dream Come True Kitchens – Mouth watering meals made from scratch with fresh, natural, local ingredients, their food truly is a dream!

Prepared meals that are top quality and taste, you simply heat in the oven and serve!  

About Dream Come True Kitchens

Maria and Doug are the dynamic husband and wife duo that make up the heart of Dream Come True Kitchens.  Maria is a passionate and very talented cook, and Doug proudly distributes and markets her amazing creations.  This summer they promoted their peach cobbler at our store’s 50th anniversary celebrations – the reaction was unanimous and left all wanting more!  

Maria prepares homemade dishes from scratch, her lasagna is her mother’s recipe and she even makes the noodles herself.  Other comfort foods include shepherd’s pie, cabbage rolls, maple baked salmon, tourtiere, chicken piccata, mac & cheese, and many others.  Our family favourite is their butter chicken, such a treat.  Aside from meals they also make a variety of sauces, soups and desserts.  

Dream Come True Kitchens at Glenburnie Grocery

At Glenburnie Grocery we carry many of Dream Come True Kitchen’s mouth watering dishes in individual and family size in our freezer section.  We also carry their desserts, fresh baked!  

With Dream Come True Kitchens you can eat quality, fine food when in a hurry, as they do all the preparation for you!

Visit Glenburnie Grocery and try one of Dream Come True Kitchen’s many creations – you will not be disappointed!

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