Glenburnie Grocery – a welcome stop on the journey for human travellers as well as their furry companions!

Summer is often a time of travel, and sometimes the family pet gets to joins the adventure too!  Glenburnie Grocery offers an open walking yard beside the store (picnic table for owners included) as well as a great selection of food and treats for your furry companions.

At Glenburnie Grocery we’ve created a ‘Pet Corner’ for your shopping convenience that features many pet necessities as well as treats.  We understand that your pet is a beloved member of the family and as such you care about the nourishment they receive.

We carry a variety of brands, one of which is Canadian Naturals as it’s produced in Canada, makes mindful ingredient choices and even offers grain-free options.  I think you’ll find our prices for this premium cat and dog food quite competitive, for example, we charge $36.99 for their 15 pound bag of original series dog food.

Recently we partnered with local company Happy Tails and now carry their all natural dried liver treats – a healthier treat option due to the high protein, low fat content.  

Although many pet wishes can be met in the Pet Corner we know one of your furry friends biggest wishes may simply be to stretch their legs with you.  For this reason we welcome you to walk your pet in the grassed and treed yard of Glenburnie Grocery.

So make Glenburnie Grocery a destination along the journey, 2 legged and 4 legged family members will all appreciate the experience and shopping finds!  

Glenburnie Grocery is located in the Kingston area, near the Divison Street 401 exit, Visit us today.

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