Garlic Fields Garden Market & Gourmet Goods

Garlic Fields is so much more than garlic! In addition to their delicious locally-grown, pesticide-free garlic, this thriving local business produces scrumptious homemade frozen pizzas, lasagnas, soups, and appetizers, and offers catering services as well.

About Garlic Fields Garden Market & Gourmet Goods

Garlic Fields Garden Market & Gourmet Goods is named for the delicious garlic they grow right here in Ontario, and with good reason.

Their garlic is of a hearty, hardneck variety called “Music”, which grows happily nestled under a layer of snow throughout our tough Ontario winters. Planted in late fall and harvested in July, these delicious, fragrant cloves are grown completely without herbicides or pesticides, and add a delightfully flavourful punch to any dish. 

Garlic Fields also offers a wide range of gourmet, homemade frozen meals, including pizza, lasagna, soups, appetizers, and everything in between. Add to that a catering service featuring delectable, crowd-pleasing appetizers, platters, meals and desserts, and it’s clear: the team at Garlic Fields is passionate about delicious food!

Garlic Fields at Glenburnie Grocery

At Glenburnie Grocery, we proudly offer Garlic Fields’ delicious dips, frozen meals, soups, sauces, pizza’s and their ‘Lips to Hips’ desserts throughout the year.

Visit us at Glenburnie Grocery today and pick up something delicious for dinner from Garlic Fields Garden Market & Gourmet Goods!

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