Little known facts about Glenburnie Grocery – that help us serve you better!

Today we are sharing some of the store features that allow us to provide our customers with great service.   These trade secrets will build your confidence in Glenburnie Grocery, your community grocer!

*  We are open 363 days a year!  We only close Christmas Day and New Years Day (Dec. 25th and Jan. 1st).

*  In the event of a prolonged power outage we are equipped to remain open and completely operational.  This means we are able to support the community by providing any needed essentials.

*  We have a cash register at our secondary store enterence, which is open at busier times of day to help serve you more quickly and efficiently!

*  Our large parking lot can accommodate RV’s, buses, boat trailers, transports, etc. easily.

*  We are situated close to the agency LCBO store in Inverary, so those headed into ‘cottage country’ can get all their supplies without needing to head into the city.

*  At the side of the store is a yard for customers to relax at a picnic table or let their pets stretch their legs.

*  Despite being a family owned independent grocer, not a ‘big box’ retail venue, Glenburnie Grocery consistently offers competitive, reasonable prices.  We even carry your groceries to the car –  it’s good old fashion country service and quality  without any additional or hidden costs!

Visit us today and experience all that Glenburnie Grocery has to offer.  These trade secrets have kept us in your travels for 50 years and counting!

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