Dessert Explosion – Glenburnie Grocery’s growing selection of desserts!

Just in time for bathing suit season, more mouth watering, enjoy every bite, worth the calories, dessert choices at Glenburnie Grocery!  Pardon?

We apologize for our timing of Glenburnie Grocery’s expanding dessert selections but it could not be helped, these products are too delicious to avoid!  Some of our long standing suppliers have developed new treats, such as Dream Come True Kitchens buttermilk dark chocolate with sour cherries cake or Garlic Field’s beautifully decorated ‘Lips to Hips’ cupcakes, whereas others have brought back their seasonally available delectables, an example would be Cards Backery’s chocolate zucchini squares – we dare you to eat just one.

The madness does not stop there, we have added the Cheesecakery’s mason jar cheesecakes which features chocolate mint, peanut butter and neopolitain flavours, to name a few.  As well, we have expanded our Glenburnie Grocery doughnut family which now boasts Willard’s bakery fried cakes, to include, on the weekends, Limestone Doughnuts locally made, homemade delectables; with doughnut choices such as s’mores and coconut lemon the decision was easy.  In addition,  Glenburnie Grocery just developed a partnership with local company Dessert Indulgence to offer you their amazing cakes, mousse cakes, and cheesecakes, we happily sampled their desserts at length and give them a resounding ‘YUM’!  Their wares can be found in the ice cream freezer and are ready to serve after 2 to 3 hours of thawing, the chocolate raspberry mousse cake is so delicious it’s pictured on their logo.

Our advice – give in!  Whether it be a long-standing favourite (Mrs. Garrett’s butter tart, Oomen’s cinnamon bun) or a recent addition to Glenburnie Grocery’s dessert family, your tastebuds will be dancing. Who knows, maybe the family dog will get an extra walk out of the deal too?

* Availability subject to delivery and baking schedules of suppliers*

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