This month we’re promoting the work of our wonderful butchers!

Come on in and pick up some of our store made sausages – you won’t be disappointed!

3 varieties, tried tested and true recipes, and no fillers!

About our dynamic duo’s commitment to feed you well

Kelly and Dave create the dedicated team that keeps our Meat Dept. thriving.  Under their guidance and direction we make our own store brand sausages, on site, fresh weekly.  The sausages contain 100% pork that is certified humane, and have no fillers in them.  

Glenburnie Grocery Sausages

Currently we regularly offer 3 different varieties – Mild Italian, Hot Italian, and Maple Bacon.  Sometimes we’ll create an extra flavour for your tasting pleasure, ex. Spinach and Feta!  At the competitive price of $4.99 a pound, with store made buns and sides available as well, you can’t go wrong.

Visit Glenburnie Grocery and try one or all varieties of our amazing store made sausages!  

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