Sun Harvest Greenhouses

Sun Harvest Greenhouses loves to grow! They embarked on their growing journey back in 2002, and have been producing a wide variety of flavourful fruits and vegetables for the Glenburnie community ever since. We especially love their hydroponic, pesticide-free tomatoes!

About Sun Harvest Greenhouses

Sun Harvest Greenhouses opened up shop in 2002, when they built their greenhouses on the original Shannon Homestead at Glenburnie. Ever since, this enthusiastic team of growers has been growing a vast array of delicious fruits, vegetable, annuals and perennials for the Glenburnie and Kingston communities. 

The Sun Harvest team has a passion for good food, and are locally famous for their hydroponic, pesticide-free tomatoes. They also offer fresh lettuces, cucumbers, sweet, plump raspberries, and a seemingly endless selection of other seasonal, locally grown fruits and vegetables.

With the expasion of their greenhouses, Sun Harvest now also grows a range of garden annuals and perennials.

Over the years, this family-owned and operated greenhouse has established a solid reputation for growing delicious food and quality plants, and creating gorgeous planters and hanging baskets, too.

Sun Harvest Greenhouses at Glenburnie Grocery

Glenburnie Grocery is proud to partner with Sun Harvest in providing our community with delicious produce, annuals and perennials. During the gardening months, we feature many of the planter and basket designs, and throughout the year we offer their seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Sun Harvest tomatoes are available now (in abundance!) at Glenburnie Grocery! Visit us today.

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