R.C. Stevenson & Father – Pure Ontario Honey

Bob (the “R.C.” in R.C. Stevenson & Father) still remembers getting his very first bee sting in 1958 (at the tender age of 4) while helping his father harvest his first batch of honey. It didn’t deter him, however, and he’s been in the honey game ever since!

These days, Bob manages 500 hives, and distributes his yummy, unpasteurized honey to 12 stores. Including Glenburnie Grocery!

About R.C. Stevenson & Father Honey

Stevenson’s sells hard honey, liquid honey, and cut honey comb, and also sells bees to small operators. Bob Stevenson is deeply proud of staying true to his roots and continuing to harvest the honey the “old school way”: unpasteurized, and without the use of any machinery.

R.C. Stevenson & Father at Glenburnie Grocery

The first store Bob’s father ever sold his sweet wares to was “Herb’s” Glenburnie Grocery, and we’ve been proud to have it on our shelves ever since. Currently, Stevenson’s 500 hives are all within 20 kilometers of the store, making them quite local, too!

At Glenburnie Grocery, Stevenson’s features their unpasteurized hard and liquid honey, a family favourite on toast or by the spoonful!

Drop by Glenburnie Grocery today and try some delicious R.C. Stevenson & Father Honey for yourself!

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