Not only is David & Sons Fine Condiments locally made, it boasts local ingredients too!

What started as friends encouraging David to bottle and sell his amazing homemade BBQ sauce has now lead to the creation of a whole line of fine products. 

About David & Sons Fine Condiments

Some time ago David, a trained Chemist, moved from Toronto to Frontenac County.  The country life and less time in traffic lead him to start cooking up something new with his chemistry skills.  His search for the perfect ingredients to please all tastebuds lead to explorations of the countryside and the creation of partnerships with local farmers.  Today David & Sons features 2 varieties of BBQ sauces (original spicy and maple root beer), 5 varieties of mustards (hot & seedy, wasabi, toasted sesame wasabi, ginger and maple crunch), a garlic scape relish and a coconut chili lime sauce.  There are many wonderful ways to incorporate theses sauces into your cooking but to find inspiration check out the suggestions on David’s website,

David & Sons Fine Condiments at Glenburnie Grocery

At Glenburnie Grocery you’ll find David & Sons full line of fine condiments, even a variety pack of mini mustards.   You may even meet the chef himself busily grocery shopping (hint, he looks like his picture on the logo)!

Visit Glenburnie Grocery and try one of David & Sons Fine Condiments many creations, it’s sure to liven up any main dish!

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