New Product Alert – Wilton Wheat Kings artisan breads now at Glenburnie Grocery!

Spencer Bar and Kim Laverty’s passion for baking bread has lead to a business that is ever rising!

They sell their loaves at everywhere from roadside stands and markets, local restaurants, and now Glenburnie Grocery!  With traditional varieties such as whole wheat, as well as more savoury options like Wilton Cheesy Chive which actually contains Wilton Cheese, there is a loaf for every palate!   Their focaccia bread is seasoned with herbs and beautiful sea salt crystals, and overall, no matter the loaf size, it is dense and heavy as it is packed with wholesome ingredients. 

We are happy to carry this dynamic duo’s baking and appreciate that they are a local business.  Of note, Spencer’s mom created their amazing logo.

Come on in to Glenburnie Grocery to check out our vast product line, find your old favourites as well as new ones!

Wheat Kings and Pretty Things,…

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